Artist Series Performer Jackets

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Performer Art edition 

We have teamed up with some local artist to combine our high end natural canvas performer jackets with extremely detailed and precise embroidery that reflects the artist's steady hand. When you purchase one of the Art editions Performers you are supporting the local artist as well as the artists that build the jacket. We use the best natural and organic material that you can buy. The fabrics are all antimicrobial which helps with preventing the transfer of germs. Discreet pockets in the back of the hood and a pen pocket on the inside collar. Large inside storage pockets included as well. Thumbholes for the cold making it a snug and comfortable jacket suitable to take a nap in. Zipper zips up high to protect you from the cold wind blowing against your face. 

                                                                 The Artists

                                                             Jonah Hampton 

                                                             'Bear necessities'

Jonah Hampton is the artist on this amazing and unique piece of artwork embroidered on the back. Jonah is a contemporary artist that likes to use colored pencils on various basic surfaces. The original piece that this came from was drawn on a Manila envelope. However the finished result reflects a masterpiece. Bright and colorful color combinations takes you on a psychedelic journey. original Art work is framed but now you can take it everywhere you go….

                                                              Coleman Dove

                                                              'Walking lizard'

Coleman Dove is constantly pushing the boundaries of his artwork. A massive display of emotions and thoughts on display as you become part of his creations… His artwork is usually so complex that is can’t be simplified to a small space. However.. This piece is designed with just that in mind. Even though it is only a small fraction of what the original artwork consisted of it still gives you an idea of what is going on in this guys brain. Take a piece of it with you on the awesome one of a kind jacket.