Hemp '420' Multi-Tool

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The Swine Army 420 Multi Tool is the most practical and natural multi-functioning smoking tool available. Handmade in the mountains of Asheville, North Carolina, we combined everything you need for a perfect smoke session in one compact unit. Perfect for travel, events, behind the scenes, riverside, on the trail, or in your home, the 420 Multi Tool is designed to equip you in any circumstance. Our environmentally conscious gear is crafted from sustainable hemp fabric, providing you with top-notch quality you can feel good about. Perfect for use with legal cannabis and CBD flower... Never lose or leave your smoking necessities again!

Everything thats included - A custom made 12mm borosilicate glass pipe, a pack of Pure Hemp unbleached 1.25 rolling papers, a stainless steel poker that doubles as a dabber, three feet of Bee Line hemp wick, and a custom fitted V Syndicate grinder card with a “pincher” for holding hand rolled cigarettes.


*Lighter not included, will fit most lighters*