Environmentally Conscious Gear - Handmade in Asheville, NC


Legalize Pot Belly Pigs is based on the true story of one man's fight to keep his pet pot belly pig. After a neighbor complained, the city of Morganton, NC cited Tim for having his pet pig Joey inside the city limits. Having Joey in the city limits went against a fifty year old law. Tim decided to stand up for what he believed in and challenged the fight. After a long three month battle with the city council, Tim finally conformed and moved Joey to his mom's place in the country where he resides with his newly adopted girl friend.

Since then Tim has formed a registered trademark called The Legalize Pot Belly Pigs Company which is dedicated to making quality, stylish, functional, and most of all conscious clothing and accessories.  Legalize Pot Belly Pigs makes sure to use hemp and all kinds of up-cycled material. For example, our visor bills are cut from recycled plastic containers to help reduce processed material and waste. We strive to do the right thing. We stand behind our products and guarantee the craftsmanship of each product.

A second brand emerged from the original.  Swine Army is a collection environmentally conscious smoking accessories and gear.